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What a great question to ask someone who runs a blog about POC presence in historical narratives, rather than a random urban fantasy author who re-blogs interesting things but is not an authority on the topic at hand!

Okay, I’m no expert, but…. Ethnically Norwegian, Danish and Swedish people are all white. The Icelandic people, and the Faroese people (both peoples are descendants of Vikings who settled) are also mostly white. Last time I visited Iceland I didn’t even see any PoC, but I’m guessing there are some immigrants there, at least.

On Greenland there are more PoC, as the Inuit have darker skin, but the Greenlandic people who do not descent from any Inuit tribe are white (excluding any potential immigrants from countries where people have darker skin, but from what I have seen, there aren’t a lot of immigrants there).

For all I know, there might have been some PoC vikings; they did take slaves, and they did have contact with people of darker skin. Generally speaking, though, the vikings operated in lands where the vast majority of people were white, so I don’t think there were very many PoC vikings. The sagas, written down by Snorre Sturlason, also mainly describes people with blond/light brown/red hair and blue/green eyes (or the ones I have read do, at least). However, there is not really any way to know for sure if any of the vikings had darker skin.

You underestimate how far away the vikings travelled. Archeological remains of them have been found in northern India. We know for certain that they frequently traded with Moorish Spain, for example, and that they took slaves from northern Africa. The Varangian Guard in Constantinople was famous, and existed for five centuries. In between all that, it’s certain that some vikings brought back dark-skinned wives and/or children. And even if only a small fraction did so, it adds up over the centuries. So while there were (probably) never many PoC vikings, we can be sure that there were some.

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Dancing a merry jig on the fine line between subtext and maintext.


Nope. Didn’t see that coming.

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Hi all,

Sorry again for the delay.  A writer to whom I had granted an extension has now gone completely MIA. (sigh.)  The archive will open as soon as everyone has a story; I’ll post here, and you’ll get an email as well.  I’m very sorry that those of you who got your fics in on time are being forced to wait.  Thanks for your patience - and so many, many thanks to those of you who jumped in to pinch-hit. <3

We are now long past all the set deadlines for this ficathon, and my attempts to contact the maintainer has failed. I intend to retract my story from the ficathon and repost it openly during the next day or so.

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Guess there’s really something to that whole, Movies with female leads don’t do well schtick.


Guess there’s really something to that whole, Movies with female leads don’t do well schtick.

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